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  1. Samita Makine

    Samita Makina

    SAMİTA Machine specializes in the production and supply of laser cutting, engraving, and marking machines, catering to various industrial applications

  2. Ersince Seramik

    Ersince Ceramic

    Ersince Seramik is dedicated to manufacturing and selling terracotta ceramic products, including plates, bowls, flower pots, and cups, available for both wholesale and retail markets


    Journal of Dyscalculia Academy, focuses on publishing academic research and studies related to dyscalculia, emphasizing strategies for improving mathematics education for individuals with learning difficulties in this area

  4. Matematik Enstitüsü

    Matematik Enstitüsü is a leading educational consultancy platform that offers innovative and scientific approaches to mathematics education, providing courses, materials, and training for teachers, students, and parents to enhance mathematical understanding and literacy

  5. Diskalkuli Derneği

    Dyscalculia Association

    Dyscalculia Association is dedicated to raising awareness, providing early diagnosis, and offering educational interventions for dyscalculia. It supports parents, educators, and individuals with dyscalculia through resources, training, and research initiatives

  6. Diskalkuli Akademi

    Diskalkuli offers educational resources and training programs specifically designed to help individuals with dyscalculia improve their mathematical skills through scientifically developed methods and materials.

  7. Herkes Matematik Öğrenebilir

    Herkes Matematik Öğrenebilir

    Website is a mathematics education platform offering resources, articles, videos, and training for parents, teachers, and academics, with a focus on making mathematics accessible to everyone.

  8. Ersince Seramik

    Konya STEM

    Website is dedicated to providing woodworking workshops and activities for children, integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles to foster hands-on learning and creativity through practical projects

  9. Kapadokya Balon İzleme Keyfi

    Kapadokya Balon

    Company provides organized hot air balloon watching experiences in Cappadocia, handling all logistical details to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for visitors.

  10. Bro Tesisat

    Bro Tesisat

    Common industry practices, the site likely focuses on plumbing and related services.

  11. Kidef Logo

    Kidef Arapça

    Website offers Arabic language courses and resources, designed to make learning Arabic easy and enjoyable through experienced instructors and comprehensive materials

  12. Ali Altaylı

    Ali Altaylı

    Website serves as a personal blog where Ali Altaylı shares his thoughts and writings on various topics, including life, human relationships, family, and personal reflections

  13. Yazar Zeka

    Yazar Zeka

    AI Writer

  14. Yapar Zeka

    Yapar Zeka

    AI Prompt sharing and discovering database

  15. Fikirler Ölmesin

    Fikirler Ölmesin

    Ideas share platform